Baked with
the original recipe with rye

Years go by, wrinkles stay

Moilas pies are Finnish classics, which have served at baptism celebrations, confirmations and when we have talked for hours around our grandparents’ coffee table or having celebratory retirement coffee before enjoying wild days of freedom.

How Finland fell in love with wrinkles

At our bakery, the scent of oven-fresh rice pies was in the air already in the 1960s. Three decades later, inspiration struck the baker of Moilas: The pie was quite big to be held in hand and enjoyed with a coffee. How about a smaller, mouth-sized frozen pie?

When the novelty hit the stores, things moved fast. Cocktail pies came to be known as “the Moilases”. Even today, Moilas pies are baked with the original recipe using rye, and they are as tasteful as always. Put them in the oven and enjoy the scent!

Celebration coming?

What are you serving at graduation ceremonies, housewarming parties or social gatherings? Moilas pies work like a charm whether it is a Christmas party, graduation or birthday.

When the cocktail pie was invented, people might have had reservations about using other toppings besides egg butter. However, today there are as many tastes as there are food lovers. Good topping choices for the pie include ham, smoked salmon, reindeer paste, avocado and many more.