Moilas | What is Free From?

Care-free delicacies from the freezer

Moilas Free From is a wheat-free and naturally gluten-free product line found in freezers. Check out our Moilas Free From selection and read which other diets our delicacies suit for you!

Moilas Free From is…

1. Always wheat-free.

We do not even use wheat starch.

2. Always naturally gluten-free.

Safe and clean raw ingredients and a completely gluten-free bakery.

3. Flavours for several different diets.

New delicacies are coming. Get ready!

Wheat-free, please!

Wheat has its positives: wholegrain´s healthiness and the crispy-crusted traditional sour dough both sound lovely, but for some of us, wheat does not go well at all with our system.

That is why Moilas Free From offers wheat-free options to spice up different diets. In product development, we aim to take into account, for example, the FODMAP diet and vegans. Check out our products and stay tuned for our next novelties coming soon!

Food safety is key

We bake and fry all of our Moilas Free From products in Pieksämäki at our own fully gluten-free bakery. The packages are sealed and safe, so even coeliacs can pick them up from amongst other products in the freezer.

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