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Consumer service

p. +358 15 7851 200 workdays from 9pm to 3pm (UCT+3)

Moilas myymälä-kahvila (shop/café)

Paakarinpolku 1, FI-76850 Naarajärvi (Pieksämäki, Finland)

Opening hours

mon-fri at 7–17, sat at 9–14, sun closed

Store’s orders and feedback
p. +358 44 761 4422 ja +358 15 7851 251

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Moilas Group contact information

Customer service

Oders and consumer service:
workdays from 9pm to 3pm (UCT+3)
p. +358 15 7851 200 and +358 44 761 4411, info@moilas.com

Head office
Paakarinpolku 1, FI-76850 Naarajärvi (Pieksämäki, Finland)

Sales office in Helsinki
Rantatie Business Park
Hermannin rantatie 8,
00580 FI-Helsinki, Finland
(entrance at Verkkosaarenkatu 5)


Juha Moilanen

Chairman of the Board

Aleksi Paukku

Business Controller


Marko Hammar

Commercial Director


Jaana Heinonen

Sales Manager (Finland)

Lea Karttunen

Product Management Manager

Sales orders and customer service

Tiina Backman

Sales orders and customer service

Sirkka Aihkisalo

Sales orders and customer service


Aki Väisänen

Production Director

Pekka Parkkinen

Production Manager


Sanna Lappeteläinen

Quality Manager

Pekka Hänninen

Quality Specialist


Pekka Tikkanen

Purchasing Manager


Invoicing addresses

Moilas Group invoicing addresses

Moilas Oy, P.O. Box 224, 00026 BASWARE, Finland • Operator ID BAWCFI22 • E-invoice address: 003719746494 • Business ID: 1974649-4

Invoices via email moilas@bscs.basware.com