Moilas | Moilas as a company

Moilas as a company

The biggest
gluten-free bakery
in Finland

  • Moilas Group turnover approx. 19 Me
  • Export share
    from turnover approx. 50 %
  • 16 export
    destination country
  • approx. 90 employees
    in Finland
  • Moilas bakery products
    since 1955
  • Gluten-free baking
    since 1985

figures from year 2022

Delicious growth within the corporation

We are one of Finland´s biggest private bakeries, the market leader in gluten-free bakery products and an export success.

Moilas is a family-owned company founded in 1955. The head office is located in Pieksämäki where the company also has its roots. Savonia, in the Finnish lake district, is the home of two gluten-free Moilas bakeries.

Long-lasting values

Juha Moilanen is the son of the founding family, and he works as the Chairman of the Board. His life motto has been passed to him by his baker mother, Saimi. “Love, honesty and good ingredients. These principles drive our actions also in the future,” Juha Moilanen emphasizes.

Gluten-free since 1985

Moilas has always bravely seized new opportunities. We invested in gluten-free before anyone else in Finland, and the success has opened gluten-free products a spot in our core strategy.

We are Finland´s largest gluten-free bakery whose gluten-free products are trusted by coeliacs, people with grain allergics and those who suffer from imflammatory intestine diseases. New motives are also driving consumers to buy these products. More and more consumers need and respect the concept of wheat-free food.

Exporting and contract-making

The foreign countries to which we have exported our gluten-free and frozen bakery products include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Hungary and Italy. For the Finnish market, we bake contracted products in addition to our brand products. We also produce frozen baked products for professional kitchens.

Technology ensures freshness and excludes food additives

Our production technology represents the field’s cutting edge. We freeze our products oven-fresh straight after a rapid cooling. This allows the product to maintain its optimal freshness during delivery and shelf-life – without food additives! Our Moilas products are at their best in the hands of the consumer.

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