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With the wisdom of
the baker mother

Quality truly has roots at our house. The founder of our bakery, Saimi Moilanen, gave her sons a tip: “Love, honesty and the ingredients”. Still today, this has been our common guideline in our work towards the greatest culinary pleasures.


Quality is the root, and everything else, of baking

System certificates and special diet certificates are an unseperable part of the Moilas quality. Everyone of us is committed to their standards as well as continuous development.

Delicious flavours are not enough on their own. Our goal every day is to ensure product safety, consistent quality, good work habits and production hygiene. High quality also applies to our customer service and delivery security.

Along with our certificates, we meet the quality and product safety standards in domestic markets as well as in exports. Independent operators audit our production facilities and working habits on a yearly basis.

HACCP as a starting point

Our quality systems are based on Codex Alimenetarius HACCP principles (Hazard Analyzing Critical Control Point), which guide self-supervision.

HACCP is based on the critical points of the production processes, in other words, process stages that can severely weaken the product quality if the process stage is not supervised or checked. One example of ensuring safety is the use of metal detectors during product checking. HACCP helps us decrease product quality variations, prevent problems and strengthen product safety.

System certificates


Product safety is the unconditional requirement of our actions. Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) certificate ensures that each of our Moilas bakery products meet the quality and product safety requirements set by the standard. The standard has been granted to both Moilas Paakarinpolku bakery and Moilas Hietatie bakery. Audits are conducted annually.


Oiva is a publishing system for the supervision of grocery information coordinated by the Finnish Food Authority, which encourages companies to take care of grocery hygiene and product safety. Grocery supervisors of different municipalities conduct the Oiva reviews.

Check out our newest Oiva reports!


RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

The RSPO accountability certificate ensures that the palm-oil used by Moilas Oy is produced responsibly and sustainably. During the purchasing process of palm oil, we implement a so-called Segregation option, which involves the physical separation of certified palm-oil from non-certified palm oil sources.

SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)

Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) helps companies manage the transparency and responsibility of their supply chains by sharing information about responsibility-related certifications and audits.

Moilas Oy is a member of the Sedex organization, and as e member we are able to better examine the implementation of social responsibility in the operations of our raw material suppliers.

SWA (Supplier Workplace Accountability)

McDonald´s worldwide SWA certificate focuses on the workplace conditions of workers. The audit ensures the safety of the work environment and the fair treatment of employees.

SQMS (Supplier Quality Management System)

SQMS is McDonald´s company’s own worldwide product safety- and quality standard. Moilas Oy’s production of gluten-free hamburgers and product management have both been certified according to the standard. Audits are conducted annually.

Customer audits

Especially large foreign customers set certified quality systems as a term for production partnerships. The clients themselves conduct audits in addition to the system certificates – usually once every year. The audit can also happen unannounced.

Special diet certificates

The label of a gluten-free product

All Moilas Gluten-Free and Free From as well as Vaasan Moilas Freen From bakery products are authorized by the Association of European Coeliac Societies to have a gluten-free label on the package. You can check these products from the catalogue of the Finnish Coeliac Society. The label is an indication of the fact that the products and their raw ingredients fulfil the requirements for being a gluten-free product based on their cleanliness and meet legislative requirements. A grocery can include a maximum amount of 20mg/kg of gluten (20 ppm, parts per million).

We are even stricter when it comes to gluten. We only use raw ingredients that contain less than 5 ppm of gluten in our gluten-free baking.

All of our raw ingredients are naturally gluten-free. This means that we do not use, for example, wheat starch. Moilas Gluten-Free and Moilas Free From bakery products are baked in our fully gluten-free bakery in Pieksämäki.


Those who follow a Halal diet can use Moilas gluten-free bakery products, which do not contain meat. The Halal certificate auditing is completed yearly.