Moilas | Toast Bag

Moilas Gluten-Free
Toast Bag

2 pcs

Toaster bags can be used to create tasty snacks in a toaster, sandwich toaster or contact grill in just a few minutes. You can toast filled sandwiches or slices of pizza. Using this bag will help keep the toaster or surface of the grill clean. The bag is also excellent for toasting gluten-free bread and pizza slices because the bag prevents gluten contamination from the toaster or the grill.

Instructions for use and storage

Storing instructions

Wipe the inner and outer surface of the bag with a moist cloth before first use. There is no need to oil the bag because the lcflon® surface stops the food from getting attached to the bag. Place the bag in the toaster with the open side up. The bag is transparent so you can easilycheck when the food is toasted just the way you want it.The maximum use temperature for the bag is +260°C. Direct contact with a source of heat, such as oven heating element, can break the bag. This bag is manufactured from a heat resistant material. Do not use regular plastic or other bags for this purpose.

Ordering information

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