Moilas | Soft Tortilla

Moilas Gluten-Free
Soft Tortilla

4 pcs/280 g. Frozen product

Introducing Moilas Soft Tortilla – the perfect blend of softness and elasticity. This tortilla is specially crafted to withstand folding and rolling without breaking. Baked to perfection in a stone oven, it boasts a rich taste that complements any warm filling. Looking for a delicious wrap option? Look no further! Our tortilla can be used to create your favorite wrap with ease. For an exciting recipe (in Finnish) featuring a cold-smoke filled wrap, click here.

Made in Finland.
Crossed Grain symbol (Gluten Free Certification) Pakaste

This delicacy is:

  • Wheat-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Milk-free
  • Egg-free
  • Nut-free
  • High-fiber
  • Vegan
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Crossed Grain symbol (Gluten Free Certification)
  • Vegan
  • Frozen product
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Water, tapioca starch, linseed flour, pea starch, humectant (E422), citrus fibre, rapeseed oil, salt, preservative (E282).

Nutritional information

Laskennallinen arvo /100 g 1 kpl (70 g)
Energy 1100 kJ / 260 kcal 770 kJ / 182 kcal
Fat 6,1 4,3
-of which saturates 0,5 0,4
Carbohydrates 40,0 28,0
-of which sugars 0,2 0,1
Fibre 10,0 7,0
Protein 6,2 4,3
Salt 1,1 0,8
Lactose 0,0

Instructions for use and storage

Storing instructions

Heat the frozen tortilla in a microwave oven at full power (800W) for about 40 seconds. Add your favorite fillings and enjoy.

Storing instructions

-18 C or colder. Do not refreeze once defrosted. Close the packaging carefully to prevent the tortillas from drying.

Ordering information

  • GTIN: 6431903740474
  • Product number: 374047
  • Sales unit: 6 package
  • Cartons / EUR-pallet: 72