Moilas | Moilas Oy awarded the best BRC standard AA rating
Moilas Oy awarded the best BRC standard AA rating

Moilas Oy awarded the best BRC standard AA rating

BRC (Brand Reputation Compliance) is an international food safety standard originating in the UK. The Finnish Moilas Oy was awarded a rare AA rating in the industry in December, where just achieving the BRC standard certification is already an extremely high achievement overall. 50% of Moilas Oy’s production is exported, and one of its customer is, for example, Nomad Foods, Europe’s largest frozen food supplier. Moilas Oy, which specialises in gluten-free products, has honed its production processes into top condition with long-term work: major customers have been conducting demanding audits at the Pieksämäki bakeries for years.

 “When a company has BRC certification, there is no need to explain further in international negotiations. We have been working consistently and doing precise work with all our staff for a long time, and the results are clear,” sums up Commercial Director Marko Hammar.

Even the AOECS standard was audited at the same time. The flawless performance of Moilas verifies the safety of its gluten-free products, entitling to the European AOECS coeliac standard.

Standard certification is audited annually

At the heart of the BRC standard is the entire corporate culture: genuine product safety can only come about with solid expertise and the commitment of both management and the entire staff. All processes related to production and its components must be carefully planned and, therefore, also reproducible. The response to any deviations is also planned in advance.

“In the food sector, the requirements are always specific. In our company, which specialises in special diet products there is, naturally, an exceptional amount of requirements for safety. The BRC standard is an extremely significant achievement, but I consider the things behind it even more important, so that we will achieve our annual rating once again. When all our employees are ccommitted on a long-term basis to thinking of product safety, we can be confident about the future,” says Production Director Aki Väisänen.

Behind everything, the company’s original values

Moilas emphasises the company’s traditional values as part of all quality work: love, honesty and good raw materials are reflected in both everyday operations and the fulfilment of long-term consumer and customer requirements.

“Demand for gluten-free products is part of an ever-growing global well-being trend. Our exports are growing because of our corporate culture, expertise and good partnerships. Highly processed products also generate a lot of tax income in Finland. There are many opportunities available, and it is always simpler for the holder of the BRC safety standard to start new negotiations,” says Marko Hammar.

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