Moilas | Moilas renewed: Main bakery to be entirely gluten-free
Moilas renewed: Main bakery to be entirely gluten-free

Moilas renewed: Main bakery to be entirely gluten-free

Moilas Oy is meeting the growing demand for gluten-free bakery products by revamping its main bakery to be gluten-free. In the future, both production facilities located in Pieksämäki will only make naturally gluten-free products.

Moilas, which is based in the town of Pieksämäki, is a pioneer in gluten-free products in Finland and Europe.  The family business developed its first gluten-free products as early as 1985.

Now the main bakery, too, will become fully gluten-free.  The change will strengthen Moilas’ position as one of Europe’s largest gluten-free bakeries.

Selection and volume

Moilas’ new direction is welcome news to everyone who needs and uses gluten-free products and anyone who is interested in gluten-free culinary pleasures.

“We monitor changes in consumer needs carefully.  The popularity of gluten-free continues to be strong because there are many reasons to buy gluten-free products in addition to celiac disease, wheat allergy and inflammatory bowel diseases. For example, a growing number of consumers who are interested in wellbeing need and appreciate going entirely wheat-free”, says Ville Moilanen, CEO of Moilas Oy.

“Two totally gluten-free bakeries allows us to increase production and at the same time diversify our selection in the future. Variety and delicious taste are potentially even more important in a gluten-free life than in normal bakery products,” says Ville Moilanen.

Demand for exports is high

The main bakery, which has operated as a normal grain bakery, will be cleaned thoroughly of all gluten from floor to ceiling. At the heart of Moilas’ operations are accountability and quality.

“Already nearly half of our revenue comes from exports; its role and importance are expected to continue to grow. This change will enable us to ensure that Moilas’ competitiveness, wide range of products and capacity will always meet changing demand in the rapidly growing European market,” says Marko Hammar, Commercial Director of Moilas Oy.

A number of different entities audit the production facilities and methods of Moilas every year.  In addition to system certifications,  customer audits are conducted.

“Large international clients require certified quality systems. Moilas already has all of the international level “heavyweight” certificates and there are new ones coming next year,” says Marko Hammar.

Classics will continue

The Moilas brand is also known for its popular frozen pastries in a rye crust, such as the Cocktail pies.  The production of classics will continue separate from gluten-free bakeries with the original Moilas recipe.

The Moilas café will also continue in Naarajärvi with the same variety as before.  In addition to delicious breakfasts, lunches and brunches, there will be all the familiar products, from gluten-free baked goods to products sold in bulk and classic pies with a rye crust.

As a family business, Moilas is proud that it is able to continue growing as one of the largest employers in its home region.

Moilas Oy

Moilas Oy is a group of bakery companies located in Pieksämäki consisting of parent Moilas Oy and Oy Moilas GF Ltd and Moilas Leipomo Oy.  There are over 100 employees working in the family business.  The turnover of the companies is about 17 million euros.  Domestic content and local presence have always been cornerstones of our operations and they continue to be.  Our group is also a major exporter of bakery products in Finland. We currently export our products to 14 European countries.