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Confidentiality caption / Moilas Oy

1. Keeper of the Register

Moilas Oy Paakarinpolku 1, 76850 Naarajärvi, Finland tel. +358 15 785 1200

2. Register name

Moilas Oy´s customer and communication register

3. Register´s Purpose of Use

Information is collected for Moilas Oy and its corporation companies in order to take care of customer- and consumer relationships, recruiting as well as organisation and development of business.

4. The collection of personal data

We collect and process information, for example, when

  • You give us your information when doing business with us as a company customer or as another stakeholder’s contact person
  • We need information of our partners from other sources, within the scope allowed by law (e.g. Trade register)
  • You send us your information for recruiting purposes
  • You give us customer feedback, provide details and leave the contact request
  • You participate in our marketing campaign or research
  • In addition, we follow our social media accounts and general Moilas discussion to understand the wishes of consumers better.

You do not have to give us your personal information. If you decide to not provide them, we cannot always offer our services to you. We collect and process, for example, the following personal data groups:

  • company customers’ basic information e.g. name, job title, relationship to the company, contact information (email, address and phone number) and language of communication
  • information related to the customer relationship e.g. order, payment and billing information and messages
  • entries in connection to the rights of the registered
  • personal information related to customer feedback and contact information (e.g. name, address and telephone) related to the delivery of prizes as a result of marketing campaigns
  • information that is collected via the use of our webpage e.g. the information received by cookies (machine username and type, system and app settings).

5. Transfer and releasing of personal data

We can release personal data related to company customerships to the companies of the Moilas corporation within the scope allowed by law related to the purposes mentioned in this statement, including the purposes of the corporation´s companies’ marketing and administrative purposes, such as reporting.

The personal data of consumers is processed outside of the Moilas corporation companies only when required (e.g. marketing campaigns and the delivery of awards by a partner company)

We do not transfer personal data outside the EU and ETA.

6. Cookies

We use cookies and related technologies on our website We can use them also for statistical purposes, e.g., for improving the webpage design in terms of consumer experience.

You can block setting up of cookies by restricting their usage or by deleting them from your browser. Due to cookies enabling the use of the webpage functioning, the restriction of their use may impact the webpage usage.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics’ visitor tracking tool to collect information anonymously of the webpage usage. Read more from Google´s data protection policies.

7. The keeping of personal data

We keep your personal data only so long as it is necessary in the fullfillment of the purpose for which it was collected. Personal information is deleted when there is no longer need to keep it according to law or in order to fulfil either party´s rights or duties.

Personal data of customerships is kept for the length the customer relationship. If needed, some of the information can be kept after the customership has ended, according to the allowance of the law or the required scale (e.g. personal information, which are needed for meeting requirements, according to the rules of the effective expiry date).

Details related to recruiting are deleted six months after receiving the application at earliest and after 24 months at the very latest.

8. The rights of the registered

You have the right to access your personal information. You can also at any time request that we rectify or delete your information. However, remember that some personal information cannot be deleted, for example, due to the applicable law requirements. You have the right to oppose or restrict the usage of your personal information in accordance with the applicable scale of law.

You can exercise your rights by sending a request to If after this you feel like the usage of your personal information is not appropriate, you have the right to turn towards the data protection authority.

9. Data protection

We fulfil the required actions (physical, digital and administrative) of protecting personal data from disappearing, being destroyed, being abused and from being entered or released by unauthorized sources. The only persons who get to view personal information are the persons who need them to complete a job task. Even the appropriate actions cannot prevent all of the data protection violations. In case of data protection violation, we inform you, according to the applicable law.